Fribiz not scam ... look at evidence !!!


duminică, 19 septembrie 2010

              How to get FREE stuff from FRIBIZ  !!


       So what is fribiz?

  * This site acts like an auction site, yet instead buying in dollars, you buy in points.
  * The necessary question that comes next is:

     How to get fribiz points?

   * You get 10,000 fribiz for just signing up.
   * You get 10,000 fribiz for every friend you refer, and 1000 for every one he refers, 100 for the third generation, 10 for the forth, and 1 point for every fifth generation . (Pyramid style)
   * Weekly missions – you get points for doing cool stuff.
    * If you become desperate enough, you can always buy them.

 Welcome to Fribiz - the first ever social marketplace, where you can win real and exciting products, just for being you!

      *After joining Fribiz, you would be able to bid for products - using virtual credits called "fribiz". You can start earning fribiz the moment you register in various ways such as: inviting friends, participating in auctions or missions and interacting with our business partners. At no stage we will be collecting credit card information or require any other form of payment.
It is important for you to know that maintains a high standard of privacy protection to ensure your satisfaction. We do not share your email address (or any other type of personal information) with spammers or other abusive services - not even with our business partners.
   *Our customer service is located is located in Ann-Arbor, Michigan, USA, while our development team is located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

      The Fribiz Team